March 2024 Group Picture

Heterogeneous Catalysis | Kinetics & Mechanisms | Microporous Materials 

Sustainable Fuels & Chemicals | Environmental Pollution Control | Energy Storage

Catalytic technologies that accelerate desired chemical transformations will play a central role in addressing urgent sustainability challenges of the 21st century, such as producing fuels and chemicals from renewable carbon sources with lower CO2 footprint, mitigating emissions that harm human health and climate, and storing renewable energy in chemical bonds. The Krishna Sustainable Catalysis Research Group combines the precise synthesis of catalytic materials with well-defined active sites and associated microenvironments, operando characterization of their dynamic structures and interactions under working conditions, and kinetic and mechanistic studies of complex reaction networks, to elucidate the reaction chemistries and active site requirements of catalytic reactions and thereby enable the development of sustainable catalytic technologies.


6/24: Welcome to Alec Seco, an 8th grade teacher at Sherman Middle School in Madison, WI who joins our lab as an NSF RET this summer to help develop new educational and outreach content!

5/24: Congratulations to UG student Sirinada Chanthachaiwat on being awarded a UW-Madison Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

5/24: Welcome to Genevieve Ansay, an NSF REU undergraduate student (U. Chicago) who joins our group this summer!

5/24: Congratulations to graduate students Libby Brungardt, Matt Edgar, and Shawn Stephens on Ragatz TA awards!

5/24: Congratulations to graduate student Libby Brungardt on winning the 2nd place prize for her poster presentation at the Catalysis Club of Chicago’s Young Scientist Symposium (January 2024), and for subsequently presenting her work in an oral talk at the CCC Spring Symposium!

2/24: Congratulations to Libby Brungardt on being awarded the UW-Madison PPG Fellowship!

1/24: Congratulations to Sara and Matt on our publication, “Understanding Stereochemistry in Biomass Conversion Reactions over Heterogeneous Catalysts” in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering!

11/23: Welcome to graduate students Toyin Shittu and Shawn Stephens, who join the Krishna Research Group!

9/23: We welcome three new undergraduate students to the group: Ryan Lauer, Sirinada Chanthachaiwat, and Patrick Granowski! We also welcome visiting scholar Rishav Chand , who is completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

6/23: We welcome two NSF REU undergraduate students who join our group this summer, Paola M. Urbina Ramos (University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez) and Tara DuBridge (UC-Berkeley)!

4/23: Congratulations to UG student Vaishnav Sunkireddy on being awarded a UW-Madison Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

11/22: The Krishna Group is awarded a Doctoral New Investigator grant from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF) to study dynamic catalytic behavior in oxidation catalysis!

10/22: Welcome to graduate students Sara Ahsan and Matt Edgar, who join the Krishna Research Group!

9/22: The Krishna Group is awarded a seed grant from the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) at UW-Madison to study metal agglomeration under reaction conditions!

-Welcome to undergraduate student Shiyu Liu, who joins the Krishna Rsearch Group!

7/22: Prof. Krishna is appointed as the Duane and Dorothy Bluemke Assistant Professor within the College of Engineering at UW-Madison!

6/22: Welcome to Eva Wolfe, an NSF REU undergraduate student who joins us from Lehigh University!

4/22: Congratulations to Vaishnav Sunkireddy on being awarded a UW-Madison Sophomore Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

1/22: We welcome our first three undergraduate students, Mitchell Schroeder, Andrew Nasr, and Vaishnav Sunkireddy, to the Krishna Research Group!

12/21: We welcome our first two graduate students, Libby Brungardt and Deepak Sonawat, to the Krishna Research Group!